Fire Evacuation

Fire Evacuation Overviews

  • Fire is discovered
  • Alert occupants - evacuate
  • Evacuation manager reports to outside meeting location
  • Floor/Building monitors help evacuate
  • Facilities investigates (if safe!)
  • Occupants report to outside meeting location
  • Monitors report to outside meeting location with evacuation status
  • Facilities reports any problems

Fire Emergency Guide (tenants)

  • Simple clear diagram showing: Unit relative to floor or building, Two or more ways out - exit patterns, Fire extinguisher locations, Fire alarm pull stations, Smoke detectors, Outside meeting location, Address and unit number
  • Instructions on: Fire Safety Procedures (prevention), Your building's fire alarm, Your building's sprinkler system, In case of a fire, Using a fire extinguisher, Protect in place

Tenant Responsibility

  • Current tenants
  • New residents and leases
  • Updates
  • Floor monitor help
  • Hallway education