A spill control kit contains items to be used in the clean-up of spills or leaks ranging from water to chemicals, sewage, and other hazardous wastes. Spill kits are often kept in areas where a potential spill might occur, such as in manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

Small spill kits are designed for five to seven-gallon spills and may consist only of a bag of absorbent material and a clean-up container. Another smaller spill response kit is the simple wall-mount spill station with broom and dustpan. Medical spill kits are available for sanitary removal of blood, vomitus, and other bodily fluids.

Larger spill response kits can be designated universal or hazmat. A universal spill control kit can be used for acids, bases, solvents, and lubricants, while emergency response hazmat kits are more specialized. A hazmat spill response kit might include absorbent pads, gloves, goggles, disposal bags, and a large container with a lid. Some types of spill control kit are specific to a particular material, such as the oil-only, battery acid, aggressive chemical, mercury, and paint spill kits.

Additional spill control products include containment berms, cabinets, floor barriers, moisture absorbing bags, bilge socks, ceiling leak diverters, drip pans, absorbents, and refill supplies.

Spill Products


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