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Spill Products

Crestline's bonding agents are fast acting, very compact and most economical and Certified incinerable. Non-hazardous themselves, the bonders contain and permanently solidify various liquids. They are packaged in 3 and 4 lb. shakers, bulk, pillows, socks, booms, drip pans, bilge bags & kits. Suitable for environmental contamination including both massive spills on land and water, as well as the occasional leak or release in a lab, office or work area.

PETRO BOND (A610/A650)
Solidifying agents for land or water borne hydrocarbon spills. Unlike absorbents that soak up liquid through expansion, these bond/encapsulate hydrocarbons with minimal volumetric increase; they bond 10 to 15 times their weight in hydrocarbons. Resultant mass can be burned for energy or land filled. (Passes leachet test at 150 psi.) Of A610 will bond 45 lbs. of hydrocarbons)
Spill protection A610 @ Rs. 5,500/- per 3 shakers pound
Since the material needs to be imported, please note the following:-
A minimum purchase of 5 Nos. must be made. A discount of 5% would be applicable, if the quantity is increased to 20 Nos.
Delivery will take place only after 3 weeks from receipt of firm order and full payment.
Tax : V.A.T. @ 12.5% is payable extra